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Industrial Projects

PLC water softening system for Cancarb, Medicine Hat, Alberta

PLC Series Water Softening System for Cancarb Medicine Hat Alberta

This system was developed to soften the water by removing hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium for production and operation at Cancarb located in Medicine Hat Alberta.

The system was designed to assist with existing client water softener system for production expansion and integrate into their control system. 

Excalibur's Water Treatment Solution

Excalibur Water Systems Engineered an industrial-grade quadplex PLC progressive flow water softener to handle varying capacity requirements and service and peak flow rates.

This system features Allen Bradley PLC with 10” Red Lion HMI screen for the complete operation of the quadplex water softener including AqMatic valves, differential pressure switches, magnetic flow meters and on-line hardness analyzer for the supply and demand of all their soft water requirements.

The PLC allows for data to be exchanged from our panel to their plant DCS including on-line monitoring and controls by the user operator..

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