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Advanced high-efficiency custom engineered designs using PLC controls with automation for all industrial applications.


Industrial Water Filtration Systems

Excalibur Water Systems Industrial Filters offer solutions for various applications requiring filtration utilizing engineering expertise and technology, providing solutions and quality through innovation.

Utilizing industry-renowned components offering complete filtration packaged system solutions operated with PLC controls with custom communication packages allows Excalibur Water Systems to customize your water treatment requirements. Simplex to multi-tank progressive flow filtration, monitoring flow and pressures, separate source regeneration, to custom solutions tailored to meet industrial water treatment application requirements. 

Industrial Chemical, Turbidity, Iron Sulphur and Manganese, and many other treatment solutions are offered through the Excalibur Water Systems Engineering department.

Please contact us to start the process of custom filtration-engineered solutions for your next project. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss further how we can assist you with your water filtration requirements.

Excalibur industrial PLC duplex chemical removal filter - front view

Industrial Chemical Removal Filters

Excalibur Water Systems offers chemical removal filtration for chlorine, chloramines, total organic carbon (TOC), and other contaminant removal required for your industrial water treatment process.  

Excalibur industrial PLC duplex iron, sulphur, and manganese filter - angle view

Industrial Iron, Sulphur, and Manganese Filters

Excessive levels of iron, sulphur, and manganese are prevalent in well water supplies causing water quality issues with industrial process water applications or pre-treatment requirements. 

Excalibur industrial PLC triplex turbidity filter - angle view

Industrial Turbidity Filters

Industrial turbidity filters (media filters) are an effective filtration method for reducing turbidity caused by suspended particles in water. 

Excalibur industrial PLC cooling tower side stream filter - front view

Industrial Cooling Tower Side Stream Filters

Excalibur Water Systems Industrial Cooling Tower Side Stream Filters offer turbidity filtration in simplex, or multi-tank models and designs utilizing PLC controls with touch screen HMI and renowned industry components and medias for trouble-free operation. 

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