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Industrial Iron, Sulphur, and Manganese Filters

Industrial Duplex Iron, Sulphur, and Manganese Filter PLC Series

Industrial Triplex Iron, Sulphur, and Manganese Filter PLC Series

Industrial Iron, Sulphur, and Manganese Filtration

Excessive levels of iron, sulphur, and manganese are prevalent in well water supplies causing water quality issues with industrial process water applications or pre-treatment requirements.

A separate oxidizer is required prior to Excalibur Water Systems’ industrial iron, sulphur, and manganese filtration. Depending on the different types and levels needed for filtration, some of the most common oxidizers utilized are air, chlorine, potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide, and ozone. 

Excalibur Water Systems utilizes renowned industry-recognized components for trouble-free operation, PLC with touch screen HIM, digital instrumentation, and specialized filtration medias utilized and specified as per inlet water quality and required end-use filtration.

Custom programming supporting major industrial communication protocols delivering quality through innovation assisting with problem water quality requirements.

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