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Industrial Turbidity Filters

Industrial Duplex Turbidity Filter PLC Series

Industrial Triplex Turbidity Filter PLC Series

Industrial Turbidity Filtration

Industrial turbidity filters (media filters) are an effective filtration method for reducing turbidity caused by suspended particles in water. 

The cause of water turbidity (cloudy, hazy water) is tiny particles suspended in a colloidal solution. These particles may be undissolved inorganics (ash, for example) or organic material entering the water from the surface and not breaking down completely.

Excalibur Water Systems Industrial Turbidity Filters remove all particulate matter from the water to particles ranging from 1 to 5 microns. PLC operation-controlled pneumatic or motorized valves are offered in a wide range of application designs and required flow rates for ease of operation.

Excalibur industrial turbidity system design, with flow rate per square footage of bed area, offers high flow lateral design utilizing clinoptilolite natural media with a large surface area and microporous structure, which provides a highly efficient filter media for the reduction of suspended matter.

Simplex or multi-tank constant or progressive flow options are available with outlet monitoring with custom communication protocols providing turbidity solutions for industrial solutions.

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