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Advanced high-efficiency custom engineered designs using PLC controls with automation for all industrial applications.


Industrial Water Softeners

Excalibur Industrial Water Softening Overview

Industrial Water Softening

Excalibur Water Systems develops custom designs for softeners that best suit the end user’s requirements. Based on specific selection parameters, Excalibur supplies softening systems comprising single-tank to multi-tank systems that offer optional skid mount pre-piped designs.

Excalibur Water Systems engineers and manufactures a complete line of ion-exchange water softening systems utilizing PLC controls, touch screen HMI, renowned industry brands for all pneumatic valves with limit switches, optional speed control, cation exchange resins, flow meters, and pressure transducers. 

Simplex, twin parallel to multi-tank progressive flow models are available to ensure end-user soft water demand, flows, and requirements.

Why PLC/HMI based water softener:

Each PLC-operated water softener is a custom model developed to the end user’s requirements. PLC based Water softener Features: 

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