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Sureflo™ Industrial Reverse Osmosis Clean-In-Place Systems

Industrial Clean-in-Place (CIP)

The Excalibur Water Systems Industrial Clean-In-Place System facilitates the cleaning and restoration of reverse osmosis membranes by purging the foulants that develop during regular equipment operation. This operation restores a degree of a membrane’s performance while eliminating the need to manually remove the membranes to clean or replace them. CIP models can manage varying degrees of acidity and alkalinity, granting them versatility in handling different chemical cleaning solutions. 

Each model is designed to industry conscience sets of specifications to meet operational requirements. All CIP models come standard with an appropriately sized holding tank, controlled flow pump, multi-cartridge filter, valves, flow indicator, PLC controls, and touch screen HMI. The range of CIP models offered is in two configurations: independent or skid-mount, and integrated.

Skid Mounted: Skid Mounted Industrial CIP models are fabricated to fit on skids with the goal of occupying the least amount of space necessary for safe and effective equipment operation. These standalone skids (sizing dependent) can be outfitted with heavy-duty steel casters to allow independent movement of the equipment.

Integrated: Systemic Industrial CIP models can be ordered with their reverse osmosis system equivalents on custom-made skids. Pump, filtration, piping, monitoring, valves, and instrumentation are integrated to function and work in cooperation with the reverse osmosis system design for scheduled cleanings when required.

Chemical holding tanks are typically separate standalone to be located close to reverse osmosis to minimize the size and length. Still, they can also be designed to be included in the skid design as well as per specific industrial reverse osmosis with clean-in-place requirements.

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