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Advanced high-efficiency custom engineered designs using PLC controls with automation for all industrial applications.


Industrial Chemical Removal Filters

Industrial Duplex Chemical Removal Filter PLC Series

Industrial Triplex Chemical Removal Filter PLC Series

Industrial Chemical Removal Filtration

Excalibur Water Systems engineers and manufactures a complete line of chemical removal filtration equipment when chlorine and other chemicals and compounds can cause issues and problems for industrial process water and pre-treatment requirements. 

Excalibur Water Systems offers chemical removal filtration for chlorine, chloramines, total organic carbon (TOC), and other contaminant removal required for your industrial water treatment process.

Excalibur Water Systems Chemical Removal filtration for industrial applications utilizes industry-recognized renowned components with PLC controls, pneumatic valves, and diverse types of certified carbon and specialized medias for the filtration process.

Simplex, duplex alternating, and progressive parallel flow designs are available for all chemical-free water filtration requirements. Our industrial systems are designed for trouble-free operation offering chemical free water treatment solutions for industrial water treatment applications.

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